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The most northerly village of the Côte Chalonnaise, Rully is a fairly reliable though obscure appellation that makes very good wines of both colors. There are 756 acres of land at the village and Premier Cru level, and massive production each year is split almost evenly between white and red wines. It is important, then, to weed through the lower-quality wines, but very good reds and whites can be found.

Chardonnay is considered to be the better grape in Rully; showing notes of yellow fruit, these light, unoaked styles border on leanness in poorer vintages but sometimes have outstanding fruit character. The reds show light simple fruit and a slightly rustic earthiness, in the style of the Côte Chalonnaise, and can age fairly well. As for prices, these village and Premier Cru wines compete with those of lower-level Côte d'Or villages.


Rully was made an AOC in 1939. Throughout the village's history, both red and white wines were found in varying quantities; over the past decades white wine has gained a gradual advantage and now makes up more than half of production.

Climate and Viticulture

The soil is very composed of sandy clay in Rully; not optimal to be sure, but able to produce light yet fresh Chardonnay. Weather conditions are close to those of the Côte d'Or, which is in fact a major asset, and the village's location right at the top of the Côte Chalonnaise escarpment ensures that many wines are produced at a good high altitude.

Grape Varieties

Major Producers

A list of six of our favorite Chardonnay producers follows.

Red wines are less widely available, but most are good, and three producers especially are worth mentioning.


There are 22 Premiers Crus in Rully, making up around 15% of land and production. What follows is a list of them, with descriptions for the more common and important ones. Find more details about the specific cuvées mentioned in our Major Producers section.