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Aloxe-Corton is a village of 1.02 square miles. It is most famous for sharing the Corton hill with Ladoix-Serrigny and Pernand-Vergelesses, the nearby villages. The AOCs for Aloxe-Corton and Ladoix-Serrigny actually overlap, and as a result some of the Premiers Crus actually located in Ladoix-Serrigny are classified as Aloxe-Corton.

Due to the Grands Crus' great collective size, the great majority of white wine produced in the commune of Aloxe-Corton is classified under one of the Corton hill Grands Crus. As a result, the village and Premier Cru wine is almost entirely red wine made from the Pinot Noir grape. Most of the best red wine is classified under the Corton Grand Cru, but a number of better values can be found in the Premiers Crus and even simple village wines.


Aloxe-Corton's AOC was created in 1938. This was a year after the Corton hill Grands Crus were recognized. Since then, it has occupied a level slightly below that of the Grands Crus themselves. Nowadays it is producing about half a million bottles a year of wine, of which less than 12,000 are white. The Premier Cru designation applies to about a third of the nearly 300 acres of Aloxe-Corton vineyards.

Climate and Viticulture

The best vineyards of Aloxe-Corton--those that are classified as Grand Cru--are located at the slightly higher elevation of the Corton hill. These are classified as Charlemagne, Corton, or Corton-Charlemagne. One would think that the difference between the hill and and the slightly lower village would be negligible, but not in Burgundy. The high elevation of the hill leads to differences in wind, fog, and is slightly cooler in temperature, making the white wine less austere and more round, rich, and full.

But this is not to say that the Aloxe-Corton village and Premier Cru vineyards are not themselves excellently located in the heart of the Côte de Beaune. In fact, the whole area has some of the best weather and climate conditions this side of the Montrachet villages.

Grape Varieties

Major Producers

A number of négociants produce wine in Aloxe-Corton, with Drouhin being a particularly notable example. Mostly, however, the most authentic wines are sold by smaller producers. Here are six of the best Premier Cru Aloxe-Corton producers. The wine made by these producers is discussed under subregions below.


Although they share some of it with Ladoix-Serrigny and Pernand-Vergelesses, Aloxe-Corton has the lion's share of the Corton hill. This means the vineyards of the three Grands Crus Charlemagne, Corton, and Corton-Charlemagne all are part of Aloxe-Corton. These areas are covered separately under the Corton areas page.

The Aloxe-Corton commune itself has eight Premiers Crus.

Ladoix-Serrigny has its own Premiers Crus, but for some reason a select six are actually classified as Aloxe-Corton's Premiers Crus. In general they are more obscure than Aloxe-Corton's own Premiers Crus.