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Grands Échezeaux

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In the village of Flagey-Échezeaux, lying almost entirely within the Échezeaux Grand Cru itself, lies a much smaller, more exclusive Grand Cru that is made up of the best one of the 12 vineyards that are used to make up the two Grands Crus. The other 11 are merged together to create the Échezeaux Grand Cru, but the single grandest vineyard of them all, which is about 18.6 acres, is designated with the Grands title. Yields are also generally lower, and in fact usually only about 3,000 cases per year of wine are produced. The number of producers is a fraction of that of Échezeaux itself.


The Grands Échezeaux appellation was created in 1936, a year prior to the creation of the Échezeaux appellation. At some point, Grands Échezeaux wines were given the right to be labeled under the Échezeaux name, although it is unclear why they would want to. The same rules applied for AOC laws, but the size of the vineyard means that quality is less variable, and it didn't take long for Grands Échezeaux to assert itself as having more concentration and complexity than the plain Échezeaux version.

Climate and Viticulture

Unlike Échezeaux, Grands Échezeaux is made up of only a single vineyard, which has enormously better soil. Of course, rainfall patterns and temperatures are generally the same, and since it's not a walled vineyard it is not protected from wind or other unpleasant climatic conditions. Quite simply, Grands Échezeaux has great soil, with finer concentrated limestone and marl than in any particular Échezeaux vineyard.

Grape Varieties

Major Producers

In dramatic contrast to Échezeaux, there are so few producers and the wines from Grands Échezeaux are so exclusive that only a few fit the criteria of being both world-class and widely available. All wines here are considered excellent, but there are only seven that, to our knowledge, can be regularly found outside France:


Grands Échezeaux is not to be confused with Échezeaux. Other than that, there are no lieux-dits, subregions, or important labeling practices to be spoken of here.