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The largest Chambertin satellite, this 71.6-acre vineyard is nearly twice the size of Chambertin itself. In addition, its 12,500-case annual production is well over twice the size of Chambertin's own production. In addition to its own vineyards, Charmes wines are often sourced from the adjacent Mazoyères-Chambertin, which has made the Mazoyères appellation itself fairly obscure due to a dearth of producers willing to label their wines this way. The reason is that despite the size of the growing area and amount of producers, Charmes-Chambertin labeled wine is generally of a very high quality.

For those who prefer its delicate, riper style, the Charmes-Chambertin appellation can also offer fairly competitive prices due to the large number of producers and general size of the appellation. Several absolutely leading wines can be had for under $200, which is a bargain by Côte de Nuits standards.


Charmes-Chambertin's history is not nearly as rich as those of Chambertin or Chambertin-Clos de Bèze. In 1937, when appellation systems were drawn up, the decision was made to group the very similar Mazoyères wines with the Charmes vineyard's own Charmes cuvées, and as a result the Mazoyères appellation has been driven into obscurity.

Charmes producers have upped the quality ante lately, especially a tight number of outstanding cuvées, and effectively caught up to Chambertin and Chambertin-Clos de Bèze in many ways. Even the grandest cuvées still show less depth and complexity, without that almost Bordeaux-like layered style, but are firmly worthy of Grand Cru level.

Climate and Viticulture

Located on a hillside, the Charmes-Chambertin vineyard is optimally placed for wine-growing, and is among those classic Burgundy terroirs that just has to be recognized as Grand Cru. Many of the best sites have outstanding layers of clay and limestone deposits that make for finely concentrated and structured wine. The size of the appellation means that there are some lagging parts, but few if any are unworthy of Grand Cru status.

Grape Varieties

Major Producers

Charmes-Chambertin has a huge number of producers, likely more now than any other Gevrey-Chambertin Grand Cru, and as such the quality is surprisingly high. As for prices, most wines are over $100, but they generally are much lower-priced than those of Chambertin and Chambertin-Clos de Bèze. As a result, many of these are good relative values considering the complexity and ageability they undoubtedly offer.

Here are 10 producers that lead the Charmes-Chambertin appellation, producing wine not only of fabulous quality but that is widely distributed outside France.


Charmes-Chambertin is physically adjacent to the Grand Cru of Mazoyères-Chambertin, and the wine style is so similar that most Mazoyères takes on the Charmes name. Most bottles do not inform the customers of this, as the vineyard qualities are roughly equal.