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The town of Vougeot, situated in the center of the Côte de Nuits directly north of Vosne-Romanée and slightly southeast of Chambolle-Musigny, is mainly known for its Grand Cru vineyard Clos de Vougeot. This vineyard encompasses over 100 acres, and as such is the Côte de Nuits' largest Grand Cru. Corton in the Côte de Beaune is larger, but only by a few square miles.

The Vougeot village itself is only about a third of a square mile, so the majority of viable wine territory is within the walls of the Grand Cru. This makes Vougeot more like Bordeaux or the Rhône than other Burgundy; it becomes necessary to rely on the producer rather than a specifically designated location.

There are only 4 Premier Cru vineyards outside the Clos, and a few village-level vines. Much of the production is white; though often made within the Clos it is not allowed to be labeled as such. About 1,800 cases of the white are produced each year, and around 4,000 of the red, from the 40 acres used for wine production in the village.


Vougeot was made into an AOC in 1936, and the surprising decision was made to allow white wine. Since then, both declassified and village-grown white wine has acquired a good reputation.

Climate and Viticulture

Outside the Clos, the soil can be somewhat rocky and sandy, and there are few hillsides that give the vineyards good sun exposure. Still, the vineyards designated Premier Cru are entirely worth this status, and the somewhat odd soil seems to be very suitable for white wine growing. Spicy and exotic, the white wine is distinct from the richer Côte de Beaune styles and is probably the best white of the northern part of the Côte d'Or.

Grape Varieties

Major Producers

Five producers stand out in the manufacturing of both colors of wine. Read about them in the below subregions section.


There are only four Premier Cru vineyards within Vougeot, which produce virtually all of its good reds and some good white cuvées.

Vougeot only has one Grand Cru, but its fame more than makes up for the lack of multiplicity here.