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Minervois is a Languedoc wine appellation that includes over 12,350 acres of vineyards. Only around 1/3 of those are actually used for AOC wine production, with the remaining thousands of acres used for anonymous but quite affordable vin de pays wines made from various grapes. Of the higher-quality wines, Minervois is most known for its sweet Muscat, but regular red and white wines are also made in large quantities.

The Muscat de St-Jean de Minervois subappellation is the Minervois region's claim to fame, although it is likely that the red wines of the Minervois are higher in objective quality. The reds are hard to find since they are rarely exported, but almost all are reasonably priced and can offer great spicy Languedoc flavors.


The appellation for Minervois was created only in 1985. Its sub-appellation Minervois La Livinière was created in 1999. This means that the red and white wines of the Minervois haven't had much time to put themselves on the map, explaining why most of the non-Muscats made here are still sold as the lower-level vin de pays. However, the Muscat appellation has existed here since 1949, and in that time Minervois has built a firm reputation for its Muscats.

Climate and Viticulture

The Minervois appellation has a very solid climate and geography, with the soil mostly made up of limestone and sandstone bases covered over by pebbles. There is also plenty of schist in the soil. However, the warmth of the appellation can be a negative. The climate is perfect for the production of fortified wine, while it may get too hot for some of the other examples. Nonetheless, in good years the reds can be pleasantly spicy.

Grape Varieties

As mentioned earlier, Muscat is the most well-known and easily the most widely planted grape in Minervois for fortified wines. But for unfortified red and white wines, other grapes have become popular, namely Carignan, Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah for reds and Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier for whites.

Major Producers

Here are four top producers that we selected for Minervois wines. Note: This does not include white wines, since they are so uncommonly imported into the USA.


There are three appellations relating to the Minervois.