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Quarts de Chaume

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Quarts de Chaume, also called Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru AOC, is one of the most exclusive sweet wine appellations in the world. Although at roughly 74 acres it is about 1/4 the size of the surrounding appellation, Chaume, Quarts de Chaume's etymology actually comes from ancient days. The Diocese of Angers used to own all the land in Quarts de Chaume AOC, and charged the area's producers 25% of their revenue to lease the land.

As this story indicates, Quarts de Chaume has always been a highly desirable appellation. Nowadays, the appellation is home to many of the world's best sweet Chenin Blancs. Although not all the wines are expensive (or, for that matter, as outstanding as their reputation), demand is still high, partly due to the rarity of the wines. Due to their reputation as an acquired taste, Quarts de Chaume wines remain underrated, and though the wines are expensive, they look like bargains next to comparables like Sauternes.


Ever since the old days, when Quarts de Chaume was owned by an abbey, and before the discovery of modern sweet wine techniques, Quarts de Chaume was highly reputed for its sweet wine production. Then and now it has stayed ahead of the competition by way of low production and geological advantages. It was made an AOC in 1954; interestingly enough, it was the only AOC to be created in that year.

Climate and Viticulture

Quarts de Chaume is very similar to the appellation that it lies within, but the climate is a trifle more exclusive. The slopes on which the vineyards are located face south. The soil is filled with schist, with some sandstone pebbles. The mist that is conducive to noble-rotted wine production is ever-present on the riverbanks. The climate is essentially perfect for making sweet wines from Chenin Blanc.

Grape Varieties

Major Producers

Consistency here is quite impressive, and due to the appellation's small size, the wine tends to be very reliable. Here are four particularly good producers.


Presumably due to its small size, Quarts de Chaume has no subregions.