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Reuilly is an obscure but underrated appellation in the Upper Loire named after the 10-square-mile commune of the same name, but the wines are also produced in six other villages in the same general area. The appellation encompasses a little under 400 acres of vineyards. About 1,000,000 bottles of wine are produced each year, mostly white wine from Sauvignon Blanc but also some interesting reds and rosés. There is also a good brandy made in the area.


The Reuilly appellation was created in 1937.

Climate and Viticulture

Unlike Quincy and many of the other appellations of the Upper Loire, there is little silica in the soil in Reuilly. In fact, most of the vineyards have a much more unusual soil type: a combination of sandy clay and a chalky limestone that gives the wines their own unique character.

Grape Varieties

Reds and rosés are made from Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, but, as in the rest of the Loire, these grapes are poorly matched to the terroir and rarely make the region's top wines.

Major Producers

We found three producers that we consider remarkable for this appellation.


Reuilly has no real AOC-defined subregions. However, most producers do put a vineyard name on the wine bottle; one of the notable ones is "Les Pierres Plates."