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An odd little appellation fitting neither into the northern or southern parts of the Rhône, the Die wine region has become increasingly obscure in the last few decades. Die itself is not an appellation, but the general region has three official AOCs: Clairette de Die, for sparkling wine from Clairette, Coteaux de Die, for Clairette-based still white wine, and Châtillon-en-Diois, for all wines not made from Clairette. There are several thousand acres of planted land, but very little of the wine is exported, making Die wines hard to find outside France.


Like most of the Rhône, the Die region has a very long history, with records of winemaking predating Roman rule. The three regions received their AOC status in 1993, although they were unofficially recognized long before then.

Climate and Viticulture

Located on high mountain peaks with unusual soil conditions, the vineyards of this appellation are miles away from the rest of the Rhône winemaking territory. Due to the high elevation, there is a rather cool climate; as a result, most of the common Rhône red grapes, such as Grenache, do rather poorly here.

Grape Varieties

Clairette, an obscure grape only grown in select parts of France, is the main grape here. In the Châtillon-en-Diois region, other grapes are permitted, but since Grenache does poorly, producers tend to prefer Gamay for the reds.

Major Producers

None of note due to low export levels.


None of note.