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The St-Péray appellation for white wine is the dark horse of the northern Rhône region, since unlike any other appellations in the northern Rhône, it makes sparkling wine. Though these wines can have good fruit flavors, the still white wines are significantly better. There are only about 130 acres under vine, making all the wines obscure and hard to find.


Interestingly enough, St-Péray has had a long and prestigious history, having once been considered the best region in the world for sparkling wine. It was among the first appellations in the Rhône to be officially recognized in 1936. Since then, technological advances in Champagne and other sparkling wine regions have made St-Péray wine much less renowned.

Climate and Viticulture

Although similar in climate to much of the rest of the northern Rhône, St-Péray is noticeably cooler, which makes it possible to make sparkling white wine.

Grape Varieties

Only two grape varieties are allowed in St-Péray: Marsanne and Roussanne. The former makes up most of production of both still and sparkling styles, in general making a wine with thick, heavy fruit flavors. No red wines are made.

Major Producers

Champagne-style sparklers are easy to find here, but more distinctive and ambitious are the still wines of the region. Here are five good producers of these styles.


St-Péray has no subregions.