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Stylish and diverse, the rosé wines from Tavel prove that the Rhône is not only good for red wines. The Rhône has only one appellation that only produces white wine (St-Péray), and several that produce only red; Tavel is the only one that produces only rosé. The vineyards are sourced entirely from the eight-square-mile town of the same name; about 2,300 acres are under vine. Most of the best rosés of the Rhône are made in Tavel.


Tavel's rosés were popular among many French rulers throughout history. The appellation was created in 1936, one of the first in France.

Climate and Viticulture

Surprisingly diverse in climatic terms for an appellation whose vineyards are located only in one small town, Tavel has several subclimates. One area, where the soil is mostly limestone, is the source of the most perfumed and complex wines.

Grape Varieties

Many different grapes are allowed into these remarkable rosés, but as in the other southern Rhône appellations, most of the wines are made from some combination of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsaut, Mourvèdre, and Carignan.

Major Producers

This region's wines are particularly solid due to low production and a rather small number of producers. As always, though, there are a few that stand out. Four of these are listed below.


No notable subregions are proclaimed on bottles of these wines.